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Jordan Montero

Arts & Culture Writer
About Me

About Me

I'm a recent college grad living at my parents house and answering phone calls from dentists. I also spend a good amount of time clawing through blog-tied music releases and indie labels. I love a good 40 minutes: The B-52s, Here Come the Warm Jets, The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady, Plastic Ono Band, What's Going On, In A Silent Way, and Aja all clock in around 40 minutes, and all of those albums have sculpted my life more than anything I can think of. It can happen again anytime.

I can't help but to give into the urges of recording my thoughts whenever I listen to an album, watch a movie or talk to someone that moves me. In addition to writing stories, I'll occasionally write creative fiction over a glass of wine or a screenplay over a few beers with my friends. Other pleasures: foggy beach days, record store hauls, a Steelers win. I'd love to talk with you.


Work Experience

Work Experience



Since my internship, I've been freelance writing for Eugene Weekly and Willamette Week, mostly writing about music. My experience freelancing has given me the opportunity of write stories I'm proud of. It's given me plenty of pitching experience and, consequently, plenty of rejection experience. It hasn't gotten me too down, so that's good.


Willamette Week

I interned as an Arts & Culture writer at Willamette Week over the summer. I had the opportunity here to write about a wide range of topics, I contributed to cover packages and sat in on some fascinating editorial meetings that gave me insight into the inner-workings of a prestigious paper. I think my voice as a writer began to crystalize during my time in the office.


The Daily Emerald

My first year and a half at the Daily Emerald was spent as a music writer. I covered concerts, reviewed albums and wrote in-depth cover stories. My final year was as Arts Editor, where I ran meetings, edited stories and worked closely with a group of writers. Having constructive, 1-on-1 communication with my writers about their work made me a better storyteller than I thought it would, and it also made me understand the value of the writer-editor relationship.  




University of Oregon

At the University of Oregon, I majored in Journalism and minored in Music Studies. While there, it was important to me to maintain a healthy creative output. Along with my classwork and work at the Daily Emerald, I DJ’d for the student radio station, contributed to a successful zine, wrote and directed award winning short series', and produced music.

Contact Me

Contact Me

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